Structural Design & Analysis 

of Ships and Floating Offshore Structures

Presented by Prof. Mirek Kaminski

Duration 4 days

Dates to be confirmed

Royal Cape Yacht Club,

Cape Town

Maritime course on design and analysis of ships and floating offshore structures
Structural design

Course Overview

In 4 days, you will learn selected methods used in the design and analysis of ships and offshore structures. The methods covered in this course are based on first principles rather than on methods prescribed in rules and codes.

Therefore, after this course you will be able to apply the gained knowledge to justify the design of conventional structures; design and analyze innovative structures that have not yet been fully regulated; and propose justified actions to solve operational challenges.


Who should attend?

This course should be attended by:

  • Structural engineers who want to understand the theory and limitations of the methods used in structural engineering
  • Maintenance engineers who want to understand where some operational challenges are coming from
  • Non-structural engineers who want to learn the methods


About the presenter

Prof. em. Mirek Kaminski is a recently retired professor from Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) one of the most prestigious universities for maritime studies in the world.

With a Ph.D. in Shipbuilding, his areas of expertise include: ships and floating offshore structures, structural design, fatigue, ultimate strength, vibrations, material and fabrication factors, sloshing, advisory monitoring systems, hydro-structural interaction, reliability analysis, experimental research and research of marine structures.

Prof. em. from Delft University of Technology