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Oceans Technology
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For all your online Maritime training & education needs

Our online e-learning platform caters for distance learning and face-to-face workshops, providing accredited education and training for students, seafarers and maritime executives.

We are committed to exploring new courses and material to provide you with the relevant qualifications to advance your career, at the best price from a trustworthy training partner.

And you can earn your Continued Professional Development (CPD) points for your local Engineering Council requirements and gain a comprehensive introduction or in-depth knowledge to the core concepts of the marine and offshore industry


Oceans Technology is best suited to educate you on how to improve your operational knowledge and broaden your expertise in specific training courses designed for you.

Trending Technologies

Marine Pollution and Emissions
Ballast Water Management
Electric Propulsion
Autonomous Vehicles
New Class Rules

Maritime Business Economics Sign-Up

Regulatory Framework
Maritime Economics
Maritime Project Management
Estimation and Project Planning
Tendering procedures

Naval Architecture

Ship Design
Advanced Structure Design
Advanced Hydrodynamics
Maritime Risk Reliability and Safety
Structural & Material Response

Marine Engineering

Advanced Marine Engineering
Marine Systems Modeling
Marine Electrical and Electronic Systems
Marine Powering, Transmission and Propulsion

Offshore Engineering

Drilling and Production Processes
Design of Fixed and Floating Offshore
Pipelines, Moorings and Risers
Decommissioning of Offshore Installations

Subsea Engineering

Under Construction

Dredging Engineering

Under Construction

Ports Engineering & Operations

Optimization in Engineering Design
Surveying of Ships

Offshore & Sea Going Operations

Decommissioning of Offshore Installations Salvage Operations
Offshore Operations

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